About Us

With a play-based pedagogy, we plan in the moment and stimulate the curiosity of children to support their learning.  We provide opportunities for children to engage with concepts and foster skills for learning such as reasoning, creativity and problem solving. We provide all children with a learning environment that is enabling, stimulating and encourages them to explore new things. 

Our passionate practitioners spark the curiosity of children using open-ended resources and authentic materials, that help children to develop an appreciation of the natural world. Rather than instructing children, we offer a range of open-ended possibilities, to enable children to feel intrinsically motivated to explore and investigate through play, including taking calculated risks and learning from mistakes. We support creative child-initiated play, and believe Imagination is at the heart of learning through storytelling, role play, arts and drama.
home from home surroundings

Our Aim

Our environment has such a significant role in children’s learning and development that we describe it as our third teacher. 
We are inspired by Reggio, Steiner, Te Whariki and Montessori to provide mindful, passionate practitioners who fill our environment with open-ended, authentic resources to encourage our children’s natural curiosity to learn.

We have used beautiful, calming muted and neutral tones throughout the setting, chosen carefully to promote self-regulation. We use gentle fairy lights and textures to create a tranquil hygge theme, which helps us offer children a home from home environment.  We aim to create an environment that is full of awe and wonder, providing a very special environment for children and staff alike.  
Our nursery is filled to the brim with a range of resources that are attractive to young curious minds, and along with imagination, have no limit! Such resources are also selected to create an environment that really is a home from home.

Right in the centre of our setting we have ‘The Square’.  This beautiful play space can be used by all our service users and creates perfect space and time for children from different rooms to play, share mealtimes, and spend time with siblings. The possibilities are endless in ‘The Square’.
learning at every stage

A Day At Drumfork

Every child is unique, and so is their learning journey! Staff create 'Provocations' daily to suit the needs and interests of each child. ‘Provocations’ unlike ‘Activities’ have numerous opportunities, the outcome is based on the child’s creativity and thinking!

We view children as active agents with the educators there to support, guide and provide opportunities for the children to learn and develop.  Educating children through head, hands and heart, by providing an enabling and stimulating environment that encourages our children to explore new exciting things.

Staff care for and respect the nursery environment like we do our own homes and families.  We model these behaviours for the children who enjoy copying us and learn so many new skills through doing so.  For example, at the end of play, we always clean, dress and put our ‘babies’ to bed.  Our practitioners are conscious of consistently being role models to the children in our care, preferring to teach through imitation and example, rather than instruction and direction.

Love Of Learning

A Little About Us

The staff team spend a lot of time researching and setting up invitations to learn and play.  Staff take great pleasure from providing truly magical learning opportunities and observing how children lead their play in their own individual ways.  We focus on curiosity and discovery, allowing children to learn using all their senses.  We plan in the moment, responding to children's interests through conversation which help to shape the projects children and adults engage in together. 

We support children in child-led play, allowing them to choose their direction of play to suit their individual interests.  We believe imagination is at the heart of learning. Practitioners as educators provide flexibility and freedom to transport, mix up and use schemas, whilst children learn through play.  Our practitioners focus on responding to children's interests through conversations, which help to shape the projects they engage in together.

Our educators get to know our children’s interests, strengths and areas of development, and use this information to provide a range of invitations for children to play and learn.  We aim to provide children with the opportunity to engage with concepts and foster skills for learning such as reasoning, creativity and problem solving.  Children are also offered periods of free play, which provide an invaluable opportunity to focus on their individual needs.

All resources used within our setting are authentic and open-ended.  We find these provide children with great excitement and curiosity, resulting in boundless learning and play opportunities for our children.  For example, instead of using plastic cups and saucers that are unbreakable, we use porcelain or china.  Children learn how to safely use these everyday, real-life objects through play.  

A Little About Us